Reading test A1 Level

Paul's Day

My name is Paul. I am from England. I am ten years old. I always have a busy day.

I get up early every morming. I get dressed. I eat breakfast. I usually eat cereal for breakfast but I sometimes eat a sandwich. I always brush my teeth after breakfast. I go to school at nine o'clock. I often ride my bike to school but I sometimes walk to school. My school is very big. I don't like school but I like my friends. I often walk to school with my friends.

I finish school at 3 pm everyday. I go home and I eat my dinner. After dinner, I do my homework. In the evening, I read a book or watch TV. Every Wednesday, I play football with my friends.

I go to bed at 9 pm. I listen to music and read a book and then I sleep.

  1. 1. Where is Paul from?

  2. 2. How old is Paul?

  3. 3. Paul ______ eats cereal for breakfast.

  4. 4. What time does he finish school?

  5. 5. When does he do his homework?

  6. 6. When does he play football?