Reading test A1 Level

The daily routines of a sportswoman

Janet is an athlete, and she wakes up at 4:30 am every morning. She reads for 30 minutes and then she meditates for 15 minutes. At 5:15 am Janet checks her email for 30 minutes and then goes for her first run of the day. She runs for an hour and a half along the lake near her house. After running, Janet has a shower and then prepares breakfast, which is usually cereal and fruit. However, she sometimes has a less healthy breakfast.

After her nap, she likes to go for a walk around the lake and look at nature. She sometimes reads or meditates at the lake in the afternoon. In the evening, during the week, she meets up with friends. Most of her friends are athletes too, so they have a lot to talk about.

She usually goes to bed at 9 pm because she likes to get up early in the morning. She sometimes falls asleep listening to music, but she never watches the television or reads anything on her tablet. She always makes sure her alarm clock is set and she is always asleep by 9:45 pm.

  1. 1. What time does she finish checking her emails?

  2. 2. How long does she run for in the morning?

  3. 3. Janet ______ has a healthy breakfast.

  4. 4. How often does she meditate?

  5. 5. What does Janet do to help her get to sleep?

  6. 6. What is the last thing she does before going to sleep?