A1 Movers Test

It was a sunny day and the town centre was very busy. The market was in town and everyone wanted to buy something. Fred and his mother were walking in the town square. Fred was carrying a box. ‘What’s in this box?’ Fred asked his mother. ‘Let’s sit on that seat,’ said Fred’s mother, ‘and then you can open the box.’ Fred said, ‘This is exciting.’ He opened the box and inside was a toy plane. ‘I bought it in the market,’ said Fred’s mother. ‘It’s for you!’ Fred was very surprised and very happy.

  1. 1. Was the town centre very busy?

  2. 2. Was it a sunny day?

  3. 3. Where were Fred and his mother?

  4. 4. What was in the box?

  5. 5. What did Fred's mother buy in the market?

  6. 6. Now choose the best name for the story.