School Disco

Questions Time

Who was studying all morning before school?

Fred was studying all morning before school.

What did Jack do last night?

He did nothing special. He just played computer games and watched Netflix.

Was Mia at a disco?

Yes, she was.

Who did Mia go to the disco with?

She went to the disco with her cousins from Warsaw.

Did Fred go to the disco?

No, he didn’t.


Because he doesn’t like discos.

Did Mia hang-out with her classmates at the disco?

No, she didn’t.


Because her cousins were much cooler.

Did Mia do her homework?

No, she didn’t.


Because her classmates didn’t want to help her.

Questions about you

1. Did you ever go to a disco?

2. What did you do last weekend?

3. What are you watching on Netflix at the moment?

4. Do you have cousins in Warsaw?

5. Are your friends cool?

6. Would you be angry with Mia too?

7. Do you like discos? Why?

8. Where were you three hours ago? What were you doing?

9. What are you going to do after this lesson?

10. Did you ever promise to help your friend?

Thank you :)