Not a Normal Saturday

Questions Time

What does Max usually do on Saturdays?

He usually stays at home, plays computer games and listens to music.

What is Max doing today?

He is playing football.

Does Jane always ring Tim on Saturdays?

Yes, she does.

Is Jane's Mum making pizza this Saturday?

Yes, she is.

Does Tim like pizza?

Yes, he does.

What does Jane usually do on Saturdays?

She does her homework, rings Tim and visits Sara.

Do Jane and Sara always watch movies together?

Yes, they do.

Does Sara like pizza?

Yes, she does.

Are Jane, Tim and Max eating pizza now?

Yes, they are.

Questions About You

1. Do you like pizza?

2. Are you eating pizza at the moment?

3. Do you often play football?

4. Are you playing football today?

5. What do you never do on Saturdays?

6. What do you always do on Saturdays?

7. What are you doing today?

8. What are you doing at the moment?

9. Do you often chat with your friends?

10. Are you chatting with your friends at the moment?

Thank you :)