I often read books.

I don't often read books.

Do you often read books?

I like Italian Food.

I don't like Italian Food.

Do you like Italian Food?

I go to dance class after school.

I don't go to dance class after school.

Do you go to dance class after school?

I like K-Pop songs.

I don't like K-Pop songs.

Do you like K-Pop songs?

I brush my teeth every day.

I don't brush my teeth every day.

Do you brush your teeth every day?

I speak French and English.

I don't speak French and English.

Do you speak French and English?

I go to Primary School in Lublin.

I don't go to Primary School in Lublin.

Do you go to Primary School in Lublin?

I have a lot of money.

I don't have a lot of money.

Do you have a lot of money?

I am from Poland.

I am not from Poland.

Are you from Poland?

I am Polish.

I am not Polish.

Are you Polish?

I am Irish.

I am not Irish.

Are you Irish?

I am very hungry.

I am not very hungry.

Are you very hungry?

I am a good football player.

I am not a good football player.

Are you a good football player?

We like school.

We don't like school.

Do you like school?

Lionel Messi is the best.

Lionel Messi isn't the best.

Is Lionel Messi the best?

K-pop is Korean popular music.

K-pop isn't Korean popular music.

Is K-pop Korean popular music?

Billie Eilish is American.

Billie Eilish is American.

Is Billie Eilish American?

Iga Świątek plays tennis.

Iga Świątek doesn't play tennis.

Does Iga Świątek play tennis?

Iga Świątek is from Poland.

Iga Świątek isn't from Poland.

Is Iga Świątek from Poland?

Arian Grande sings beautifully.

Arian Grande doesn't sing beautifully.

Does Arian Grande sing beautifully?

Robert Lewandowski scores goals.

Robert Lewandowski doesn't score goals.

Does Robert Lewandowski score goals?

Children like school.

Children don't like school.

Do children like school?

Dogs like cats.

Dogs don't like cats.

Do dogs like cats?

My sister likes ice-cream.

My sister doesn't like ice-cream.

Does your sister like ice-cream?

He goes to the cinema every Friday.

He doesn't go to the cinema every Friday.

Does he go to the cinema every Friday?

My socks are blue and green.

My socks aren't blue and green.

Are your socks blue and green?

Some people like horror films.

Some people don't like horror films.

Do some people like horror films?

They come from Australia.

They don't come from Australia.

Do they come from Australia?

Kangaroos live in Australia.

Kangaroos don't live in Australia.

Do Kangaroos live in Australia?

Cows eat grass.

Cows don't eat grass.

Do cows eat grass?

Zebras are black and white.

Zebras aren't black and white.

Are zebras black and white?

My brother goes to school in Warsaw.

My brother doesn't go to school in Warsaw.

Does your brother go to school in Warsaw?

Their Grandma is 100 years old.

Their Grandma isn't 100 years old.

Is their Grandma 100 years old?

I miss you.

I don't miss you.

Do you miss me?

They are famous rock stars.

They aren't famous rock stars.

Are they famous rock stars?

Lewandowski understands English.

Lewandowski doesn't understand English.

Does Lewandowski understand English?

Lewandowski likes chocolate milk, spaghetti and tomatoe soup.

Lewandowski doesn't like chocolate milk, spaghetti and tomatoe soup.

Does Lewandowski like chocolate milk, spaghetti and tomatoe soup?

It often rains in Autumn.

It doesn't often rain in Autumn.

Does it often rain in Autumn?

I get up early every morning.

I don't get up early every morning.

Do you get up early every morning?

Ronaldo loves football.

Ronaldo doesn't love football.

Does Ronaldo love football?

Messi and Ronaldo are freinds.

Messi and Ronaldo aren't freinds.

Are Messi and Ronaldo freinds?

Messi likes Ronaldo.

Messi doesn't like Ronaldo.

Does Messi like Ronaldo?

Ronaldo likes pepperoni pizza.

Ronaldo doesn't like pepperoni pizza.

Does Ronaldo like pepperoni pizza?